Partner of the Month: Safe & Chic

Safe & Chic Illustration.jpg

When did you learn about non-toxic beauty / Who introduced you?

About 4 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Beauty Counter. And this was the first time ever hearing about nontoxic, cruelty free products. I have been in the cosmetic and fragrance industry since I was 15 working for all the major beauty/fragrance houses. YSL, Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy etc. and ingredients, and animal testing was never even discussed.

 What inspired you to launch Safe & Chic?

My above discovery and health issues forced me to look into what I was eating and using on a daily basis. I was having troubles finding products to replace my toxic brands and was doing so much research using Think Dirty and Skin Deep EWG database, I decided I need to use this knowledge and research and create a site that allowed women to just have fun shopping again, for we have done all the hard work of vetting the ingredients and ethos of the companies we carry.

 What's been the biggest challenge being an entrepreneur?

Dealing with the unknown, long hours, growing pains.

 What's the greatest reward?

Loving the company, the customers, our partners, seeing the vision come to fruition.

Why shop at Safe & Chic?

You can shop over 1500 beautiful, safe, chic, non toxic and cruelty free products in one destination. Find all your beauty needs. Even some you never knew you needed.

Is green beauty a trend?

No. It is a movement and a truly magnificent one that focuses on products and brands that are not only good for the consumer, but the earth and all the cute furry little animals.

Which industry leaders and influencers do you recommend following?

I really enjoy MBG- Mind Body Green and Goop. I love their articles, tips and recipes, these two sites I frequent often. But always looking and open to others to follow daily.