Hannes Dóttir offers our expanded collection of skincare and treatments to our trusted Spa & Aesthetician partners. To bring out your inner radiance and perfect your complexion visit your local Hannes Dóttir partner.


Icelandic SeaScrub Body Polish is an entirely natural, healing skincare treatment. Our powerful Icelandic Sea Kelp formula nourishes skin with essential minerals, increasing the rate of cellular regeneration, resulting in glowing, youthful skin. Citric Acid is natural, organic and vital to metabolism. Boron is an essential trace element necessary for healthy bone and joint function. Premium Silica, similar to powdered quartz crystal, energizes the body.  This powerful combination feeds the skin rich, food-grade minerals while helping it shed pollutants and stress.  


Icelandic SeaSoak is a highly effective, nourishing skin and body formula.  It creates an exceptionally healing and detoxifying environment for your bath. Icelandic Sea Kelp nourishes the body with essential minerals and keeps skin supple.  Citric Acid is natural, organic, and vital to human metabolism. It improves the appearance of skin and helps maintain good health. Boron is an essential trace element necessary for healthy bone and joint function. Premium Silica creates the sensation of resting in a soothing bath of quartz crystal while easing aches and pains. Icelandic SeaSoak Mineral Bath is designed to de-stress and detoxify both body and spirit. 


Elixir Eye Extreme soothes, restores, and energizes eyes. Our formula is highly concentrated with powerful minerals to smooth fine lines, lessen dark circles, and reduce puffiness. Applied one single drop at a time, Elixir Eye extreme delivers visible results without any chemicals, preservatives, or synthetics.