Hannes Dóttir is an extraordinary skincare brand founded by a vision; a gift from our Icelandic father and grandfather, Hannes Arthur. 

Meditating in twilight before sleep, founder Janis made a connection with the beyond. A detailed list of ingredients consumed her consciousness while a powerful voice ratified its importance.


Janis leapt from twilight to record her vision. Left with no further instruction, she relied solely on her intuition to discover the purpose of the list. 

After careful research and tedious formulation, Janis created what is now known as Seamasque - an entirely unique youth-activating treatment. Janis gave samples of "green goo" to friends. Friends shared with friends, and soon, complete strangers were knocking on Janis's door to request the rumored "magic mask".

Janis formulates unconventionally. She patiently waits for a spark gifted by her father to ignite her creation. Janis puts her soul into her skincare, and as a result, Hannes Dóttir formulas have an energy you can feel.