Why I created Elixir of Minerals

If your skin dries out no matter what you do to keep it hydrated, Elixir of Minerals is surely the answer to your skin care prayers. The Seamasque was the first formula in my line. If you don't know the story of the vision, the nutshell version of the magical story is on our website.  After treating my skin with the Seamasque, my skin was unbelievably soft and refined, and better yet, it felt like an infant's! In fact, it had never looked that clean, pure and fresh in my life. I needed something that would protect my fresh new skin, and I was determined that it be nourishing and chemical free. Hence, the Elixir of Minerals formula came to be! I wasn't trying to create a moisturizer. I intended to create a skin protectant to be used before your cream.  

I downloaded the ingredient list for Elixir from my spiritual source, and began to craft the formula. In a fraction of the time it took me to develop Seamasque, the heavenly mix of nutritional grade minerals and humectants became the most effective and protective moisturizer ever! Whether you're in the dry desert or wind blown on the ski slopes, Elixir of Minerals binds moisture to your skin at a cellular level, keeping you in perfect balance.  

Feel free to ask me questions any time! I can be reached at 888.659.5100.

- Janis