Never Reinvent a Perfect Formula!

Early on, when I first created Seamasque, I gave samples to friends. They all raved their skin was brighter, firmer, tighter, and healthier! My gifted from beyond natural skincare mask was the real deal! Shortly after friends sampled the product, strangers and friends of friends started knocking on my door asking for “green goo”!They’d show up with Tupperware, plastic bags, and empty mayonnaise jars!

One of my “mayonnaise jar” customers was so thrilled with her new skin after using the Seamasque that she wanted her husband to invest. She'd grown up in Hawaii, and even though she was only forty two, her gorgeous face had a web of shallow lines. She used the Seamasque way more that I suggested, but in three weeks time the lines were gone. Wrinkles cured! I couldn't believe it! I had one large problem before the scheduled meeting with her husband… I’d run out of wild Icelandic kelp (which I soon learned is paramount to my skincare).

My brilliant cousin suggested I take Icelandic kelp pills and put them in the coffee grinder, make a powder out of them, and use that as the kelp in my formula. It was still Icelandic kelp, right? Genius! 

The formula seemed ok, but it kept puffing up and growing in the glass mixing bowl. I stirred it down and it looked normal again. I tried it on my face and it seemed fine. Hmmmm. I put a heavy stoneware plate over the bowl and went to bed. By the next morning, my altered formula had puffed up so high that the Seamasque had lifted the heavy stoneware plate at least an inch above the mixing bowl, oozed down the sides and made a huge, puffy puddle of green goo on the counter. It looked like Halloween in there. Yikes. What to do now!?

I didn't want to cancel the meeting because it seemed like such a good opportunity. I stirred as much green goo Seamasque as was left in the bowl again until it the puffiness was gone and it looked normal. I filled the little sample jars only 2/3 full to give it some space in case it needed to expand again. Like I said, I've never taken chemistry…

I was on my way to the meeting. I drove south from North Hollywood, up Coldwater Canyon toward Bel Air armed (literally) with my little samples. All the way up the hill that same, whispering angelic voice in my ear told me to "go back home." What? "Go Back Home!" Over and over.  Fortunately, I finally listened and returned home and rescheduled the meeting.

Once back home I was berating myself for not following through with the meeting. What was wrong with me? Afraid of success? I was asking myself a litany of accusing questions as I picked up one of the sample jars. 

It exploded like a grenade! 

The tightly- screwed- on lid had somehow unscrewed itself, blew offwith what seemed like the force of a jet engine, and stuck to the wall 10 feet away! My neighbor returned home a while later as another exploded right through the side of the bag and shot across the room, spewing green goo all over the dogs, white sofas and carpet. Wow. Those exploding samples were going to be handed out to the investor's friends? And what does one do when opening a sample jar? Hold it up and look at it as one unscrews the lid. I could have seriously hurt somebody by exploding sample jar!

Lesson learned. Always listen to your intuition!