"The first time I used Seamasque it was like 10 years dropped off my face!"

Marie S., Waterford, WI

"I must express my gratitude to you for creating such fabulous beauty products! I receive so many compliments as to how radiant I look and how good my skin looks!" 

Deborah P.

"I love the 'green goo' and was hooked on it the first time that Janis demonstrated what it did for the skin. It works wonders to make the face smooth and youthful. I also use a small amount on my hands to keep them smooth for several days. I don't want to be without it!"

Mary H., Pleasanton, CA

"Thank you for creating such wonderful products. Seriously - I think they are miraculous. Much love!" 

Brandi B.

"I have only used the SeaMasque twice and I am already noticing differences! The acne scarring around my jaw line is not as noticeably red and the overall texture of my face has improved immensely."
Lynn R.

"I treated myself to a SeaMasque facial before meeting the girls for lunch.  After everyone arrived and we chatted a bit, one girl remarked "you have gorgeous skin, you have to tell me....what products do you use?!!!  Needless to say, I was thrilled."

Judy S.

"My sister introduced me to SeaMasque and I was absolutely floored at how great my skin feels afterwards."

Melanie S.

"I SWEAR by your products!" 

Nancy S.

"My sister in Nevada City turned me onto your stuff and now I have converted my other 2 sisters in NY and LA! We love your products!"

Lorraine K.

"My girlfriend and I truly love your products. She uses the masque frequently: I use the Elixir of Minerals under my eyes, which reduces the wrinkles substantially!"

Rob J.

"I LOVE your masque!!! My skin has never felt so good in my whole life."

Yoomi H., Los Angeles, CA

"I love your elixir! Thank you for recommending it. It is amazing."

Gail D., Smyrna Beach, FL

"Well, I just turned 52 this week and I get the most amazing compliments on my "youthfulness" - and I KNOW its partly due to your amazing products!"

Rhonda U.

"I love your products. I am almost 76 and it has helped my skin."

Masumi M.

"My skin has never had that dry feeling since using these products...keeps the wrinkles away..."

Connie C., Vallejo, CA

"I used the SeaMasque for 20 min...two days ago and my face is so soft, my tiny lines are really tiny, and I have a really pretty glow."


"I Received the products yesterday and used the Elixir last night.. Today my face looks like silk...! Thank you so much.  My son Zach uses SeaMasque to normalize his skin and control breakouts. We're a SeaMasque family! People are always commenting on how beautiful my skin is." 

Rhonda U.

"Elixir of Minerals has been a lifesaver. Before I started using it the area under my eyes was so dry. This product has completely eliminated the dryness under my eyes and has kept the skin all over my face looking younger."

Kathy H., Santa Rosa, CA

"After using Hannes Dóttir over the weekend two people at my office asked me if I had “gone away". When I told them I had stayed home, both said that I looked “refreshed.”  For this 64 year old woman, I can’t recall when I was ever told that I looked refreshed!  I’ve used all the products faithfully for 3-months and I see positive differences. The brown age spots are fading, the sharp lines around my eyes are softening, and even my décolletage has improved."

Karen S.

"I have just received products from you. I can tell you already that the pores on my face are smaller! Indeed they are."


"I bought the SeaMasque and the Elixir of Minerals from you guys. Nothing else I’ve used is as good."

Melissa H.

"This morning I woke up and used the masque for aromatherapy alone. It was a treat! I loved it :)  I like the slight tingle at the beginning, the naturalness, the feel of the kelp from the start, and the exfoliating towards the end. It just felt right."


"I received Elixir of Minerals on Saturday morning and already I can see a difference. My skin is less angry looking, pimples seem less visible and for once in my life my skin is holding it's own moisture. It's nice for once to have a skincare range that works. So a massive thank you to you!!!"

Olivia S.

"I have been using these wonderful products and I get so many compliments on my skin. I love everything. I love the SeaMasque and feel it helps my skin look so much younger. I use the mineral spray and use it on my hair at times. I also love the elixir of minerals! The results are EVERYTHING. I love looking younger than my age by many years. Thanks for your wonderful products."

Elizabeth B., Encinitas, CA

"I met Janis several years ago at The Crystal Fair in Walnut Creek and was absolutely amazed at the beautiful, creamy and dewey texture of her skin.  I was immediately drawn to purchase her products!  I have experienced this same fresh and dewey texture in my skin.  It feels so nourished now and I love knowing that I am using clean products that are food for my skin."

Sheree Z.

"After giving myself my first SeaMasque treatment since I moved to Taos, I washed my face and my skin felt and looked so good, I said to myself “I have to write Janis and tell her because she should know and thank her for the gift of her products.” The high desert is sucking the moisture out of everywhere but where I put those two products… which is my face!"

Karen M.

"The mist is the lightest moisturizer I have found and the scent is heavenly. Thank you so much!"

Karen R., Riverside, CA

"I will be 50 years old in just a few months and I look amazing. My skin is soft and supple. I know the products have just what my skin needs to be its best."

Karen P., Melbourne, FL

"I'm 61 years old and people, both men and women, frequently comment on how young I look. I am happy to be a customer!"

Tamaro Ralston, Romoland, CA

"I love the Hannes Dóttir products. I especially love the Mineral Mist and Elixir of Minerals. I have a problem with rosacea and these two products really help me keep it under control." 

Janet F., Knoxville, TN

"I was turned onto Hannes Dóttir by my sister and now I love every product! I could not live without them - especially the Elixir of Minerals. Hands down the best face product I've ever used!" 

Kerri A., Las Vegas, NV